Our services are fully customised for our clients to suite their unique requirements for Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence or Blockchain solutions.

Kinetic Consulting Australia offers the full suite of services in the domains of Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. We only provide services in these domains ensuring you only receive resources that are subject matter experts. Our specialised service offering is customised for each client based on their circumstances. Whether its strategy design, roadmap creation, or full digital transformation we are well resourced to implement the most effective solution for your organisation.

If you are seeking consulting services to leverage technologies and strategies that will define future business performance then get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you.

  • Customer Experience Solutions for Growth

    We wrote the book Experience My Brand on how organisations can increase customer loyalty and profitability…

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  • Corporate Strategic Consulting Services for Future Growth

    Design a corporate strategy for your organisation that can leverage from leading technology and customer experience best practices…

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  • Artificial Intelligence for Optimal Services

    The journey of Artificial Intelligence will vary for each organisation. At the most basic level, robotic process automation offers many organisations a low-risk way to quantify the value of introducing artificial intelligence into their work practices. Whether it’s your marketing, sales or operations area, artificial intelligence can unlock new value and deliver improved performance for both the organisation and the end customer…

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  • Blockchain Solutions to Optimise Customer Services.

    The transfer of digital assets using a highly secured system for identity verification is the underlying foundation of blockchain technology. This technology has a profound impact on how many organisations currently conduct transactions that require verification. Blockchain solutions offer the organisation a new way to reduce costs and improve services to their end customers. Our joint venture with the blockchain accelerator, RedFox Labs, enables us to also deliver blockchain solutions most effectively and efficiently.

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  • Business Transformation

    Whether you are merging with another company, acquiring a new one or undertaking an internal restructure, Kinetic Consulting Australia is able…

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  • Digital Transformation

    The age of the hyper-connected consumer has arrived. With simply the click of a button consumers can immerse themselves in a world of…

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