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In today’s fast-paced and dynamic world, the power is truly in the hands of the consumer when it comes to the success of your business. The ease with which customers can interact with your company online can make or break your brand, which is why it’s integral that you create an experience that encourages positive rather than negative communication. With a team of expert customer experience consultants, Kinetic Consulting Australia can help you develop a strategy that will help your business reach its long term and short term goals.

Proven & Tried Methodology

Over the years we have established ourselves as one of the leading customer experience consulting companies, helping businesses adapt to the changing needs of the world around them. Our managing partner, Joe Tawfik, authored the business book on how companies can generate profits from branded customer experience: Experience My Brand: How Successful Companies Develop Loyal Customers and Increase Profits. The methodology we use is based on years of experience and research allowing companies to grow and reach their potential despite the ever-changing nature of the business world. With offices in Australia, U.S.A, and United Arab Emirates, our team of industry experts have garnered a reputation for creating the most effective and practical customer experience strategies for a range of organizations throughout the world.

How we create profitable customer experiences

Our strategic consultancy services forge realistic pathways towards success for your organisation or company. At Kinetic, we believe that customer experience is a key defining competitive driver. Achieving a branded customer experience not only requires careful design of customer journeys but an organization that has the culture, clarity of vision, and leadership to achieve market differentiating results. Our planned CX process is practical and takes your company on a structured and proven journey towards the achievement of branded customer experience for greater financial rewards.

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Our customer experience consultants can help you take your business to the next level, achieving all your goals in an effective and sustainable way. With a professional team of staff dedicated to the growth of your organisation, Kinetic Consulting Australia is committed to your success.

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