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Reinvent Secure Transactions Using Blockchain

Blockchain technology can be used by sectors such as banking, government, supply chain, property records, healthcare and education. Any industry with companies depending on security and reliability of information to confirm authenticity, ownership, or proof of origin in a trade can benefit from the underlying technology of blockchain. At its essence, blockchain uses a series of computers to check the validity of records logged in a series of codes called a hash. Each transaction adds new code to the existing code. This creates a block of code in the right sequence they occurred. Hash codes keep records safe because any discrepancies of code would be needed to be validated by a decentralised ledger. Mutual consensus needs to be achieved in the decentralised ledger to ensure the record can be approved as authentic.

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Blockchain Consulting Services

Here at Kinetic Consulting, we have taken away the complexity of how blockchain can be used by working with our joint venture partner: RedFox Labs. Organisations can benefit from our business expertise to build a solution to enhance their operation, profitability and customer experience.

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If you are one of the many Sydney, Melbourne or Australian companies looking to take advantage of blockchain but would like more information to understand the process better, our consultants would be more than happy to help. For more information on this and any of our other services, such as consulting in regards to customer experience, and artificial intelligence, contact the team at Kinetic Consulting today by calling 1300 780 556, sending an email to, or leave your details on our easy to complete enquiry form found on our contact page.

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